PA speakers donated to Splat Boy Promotions! Hear them in action at the Launch Party!

We were introduced to Marcus Coombs of Splat Boy Promotions by Dan Flitcroft of Stage 2 Studios and we immediately felt that the plans that Marcus has for his acoustic evenings fitted with the Foundation’s aims.

The Foundation has donated a pair of PA speakers to help Marcus achieve his goals. You can hear them in action at the launch of Splat Boy Promotions.

Paul, Lesa, Marcus Coombs and Dan Flitcroft

In Marcus’s own words:

My name is Marcus Coombs, in 2017 I decided to start putting on some acoustic nights in my local pub. It went well. I soon realised that I was able to showcase talent of all ages and abilities and do so in a way which respects them as artists aswell as respects the people who had taken the time to come and watch them.

Through a lot of hardwork, I then managed to pull off a successful festival at the Swan pub in Swineford (Swine Fest). Over the course of the last year I have developed fantastic friendships and acquaintances with people of all backgrounds within the Somerset area. In the the Summer of 2018 I met Lesa and Paul Cross. They lost their son to a rare illness a few years ago and in his memory created The William Cross Foundation. I explained to them my ethos and goals and it was clear that we shared many core principles. The main one being: Support new and emerging artists and help give them the tools to fulfil their goals.

As a consequence of this meeting, I was blown away when Lesa and Paul offered to donate a brand new PA system to our nights. This has enabled me to take the philosophy of our live music nights and add a professional touch which not only makes it more enjoyable for the punters, but gives the artists the confidence that we are showcasing their talent in the most honest and respectful way.

With this in mind, I re-branded the nights to ‘Splat Boy Promotions’ which has a more meaningful and personal resonance with me. I am committed to taking Splat Boy to the next level whilst supporting the fantastic William Cross Foundation. We are now working with other local organisations such as Recording Studios, Music Teachers and Education Providers to build a family of local talent and volunteers to help keep live music alive for people of all ages and backgrounds within Bath, Bristol and the surrounding areas.

Marcus and speakers